ACPV Diplomate Renewal and Recertification

ACPV Policy for Dues Payments and CE Submissions (approved July 2017)
January 1: Dues and previous year CE submission due.
February 1: Dues are late. A late fee of $75 is added to the dues payment.
May 1: CE for previous year is no longer accepted. Diplomates who have not submitted CE must claim an exempt year. Dues with late fee must be paid.  Any Diplomate whose dues payment is in arrears 2 years or more will be removed from the College.


ACPV Diplomate Renewal and Recertification Form

ACPV Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education (CE) requirements for annual and 10 - year recertification:


Annual Recertification Requirements:

1.  Each diplomate must obtain 24 CE contact hours by attendance at educational activities.

2. A minimum of 18 CE contact hours must be from an educational activity devoted to poultry.

CE credits must be submitted on a 1:1 basis (1 CE credit per contact hour of educational activity).  Please make sure that your CE submission is from a scientific/educational activity that develops or enhances your knowledge and abilities as a poultry veterinarian.

Meetings List. Please see the 2016 ACPV Preapproved Meetings (below) to find the maximum number of CE hours that can be claimed for attending ACPV preapproved meetings.

Unlisted Meetings.  Poultry related meetings not listed may also be claimed for CE.  You must submit an agenda or program to obtain credit.  Agendas or programs can be uploaded to your CE and dues form. Unlisted meetings will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may not be approved.  When calculating the number of hours to claim for CE, please consider only the number of hours attending the actual session.  Do not include lunch breaks, session breaks, social events, etc.

Seminars. Organized poultry-related seminars, such as those at a university, can be submitted for CE.  If you are claiming more than 3 CE hours for a seminar, please upload the seminar agenda or a summary of topics as part of your yearly CE submission. Seminars will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may not be approved.

Company-sponsored educational meetings. If you are claiming CE hours from a company-sponsored meeting, please upload a copy of the seminar agenda/program to your CE submission form.  These types of activities will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may not be approved.

3. CE hours are awarded for organizing poultry related meetings and/or presenting poultry related topics.  (See Additional CE Credit).

4. The above annual requirements may be waived for individuals based on medical or other disability.  Claim for a waiver must be submitted with annual renewal.

5. Diplomates may also petition the ACPV Board if they have used other recognized means to satisfy CE requirements.

Additional CE hours may be obtained by uploading documentation regarding any of the following:

6 CE hours: 1) Six CE hours may also be obtained by organizing an ACPV workshop, wetlab, or symposium.

2 CE hours: 2) Two CE hours may also be obtained by the following activities:

a. Senior authors in refereed scientific avian journals, newsletters, trade magazines, company technical bulletins, books and manuals, or production of education videos or continuing education study sets;

b. Presenting at a meeting, poster session, workshop, wetlab, or symposium;

1 CE hour:  1) One CE hour may be obtained by the following activities:

a. Co-authors in refereed scientific avian journals, newsletters, trade magazines, poster session, company technical bulletins, books and manuals, or production of education videos or continuing education study sets;

b. Peer review of scientific journal article for scientific avian journal;


Ten Year Recertification:

1. Diplomates must meet the above annual recertification requirements for at least 8 years out of 10 consecutive year period (based on their admittance in the college).

2. A diplomate failing to meet the 8 of 10 year requirements will be required to retake the current ACPV examination.


2017 ACPV Preapproved Meetings (updated 10/17) Maximum CE Credits Allowed
AAAP/AVMA Annual Convention 30
ACPV Workshops 8
Arkansas Poultry Veterinarians Spring Meeting 4
Arkansas Poultry Veterinarians Fall Meeting 3.5
(2017 Meeting) Aviagen Latin America Association 2017 , Atlanta, U.S. 3/19-20/17  8
(2017 Meeting) Cahln Poultry Session, University of Guelph, Ontario, CA June 6, 2017 2.45
Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference  15
International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) 14
(2017 Meeting) LAPAC Poultry IBD Summit II, Atlanta, GA 1/29-31/2017 7.5
(2017 Meeting) Poultry Health Summit, Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, LA 5/22-23/17 7.5
Mississippi VMA (state meeting) 4
National Meeting on Poultry Health and Processing (“Condemns”) 13
North Central Avian Disease Conference (NCADC) 12
North East Conference on Avian Diseases (NECAD) 10
North Carolina VMA (state meeting) 6
NPIP Biennial Conference 20
Ontario Association of Poultry Veterinarians (OAPV) November 2017 2.5
Ontario Association of Poultry Veterinarians (OAPV) January 2018 not for 2017 CE credit 3
Poultry Service Industry Workshop; Banff, Canada 8.5
Poultry Science Association Meeting 8
Tri-State Poultry Vet Meeting  3
Western Association of Poultry Veterinarians Scientific Seminar; Banff, Canada 7
Western Meeting of Poultry Veterinarians and Clinicians (“WestVet”) 7
World Veterinary Poultry Association Conference (WVPA) 20
Western Poultry Diseases Conference (WPDC) 18





All CE must be submitted online.

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